BenchSci x The Plant Hut

Numerous scientific studies have proven the positives of having more greenery in the workspace: reduce stress, increase productivity, cleanse the air, reduce noise level, boost creativity... 

 The Plant Hut believes in houseplants, so do the scientists at BenchSci. We had the pleasure outfiting BenchSci's new office with different varieties of houseplants in December, 2020. It was a spacious and open-concept work space with a onsite gym (which we don't see often). The office is bright and has great natural light condition thanks to the many big windows, which is vital to the houseplants, ideal lighting also allowed us to have more options when choosing the plants : Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Aglaonema, different varieties of Dracaena, Ficus Elastica Burgundy, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ponytail Palm, Parlor Palm, Mostera Deliciosa... 


plants installed


hours worked designing and planting

Our "planting station" 

"Just grow it" is our mojo. We had the most fun completing this job -- got our hands wet and played with dirt. We got up and close with all the plant babies we love. It is work, but it's best kind of work -- it is also the work we LOVE.

A small forest amidst a big concrete jungle

Who doesn't want to work in an office that's filled with stunning plants?  As the scientists at BenchSci working tirelessly to bring world’s most advanced biomedical artificial intelligence to the health industry, we did our part to help them have a more enjoyable work place.

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Interested in planting a tropical jungle in your workspace?

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