Plants of 2020, here at The Plant Hut

by Amber Kong

Can you believe today is the last day of 2020? Wow. Where has the year gone? But Honestly, I’m not mad about it. 2020 has been an extremely difficult year for everyone and we don’t say that lightly. In 2020, we experienced our first lockdown here in Toronto, and then reopening, and then here we are, the second lockdown. With the pandemic and the lack of physical closeness, 2020 has done a good job testing our resilience and spirit. We had to adjust to new realities and way of working.

It has been tough, but it also reminded us that difficult time often inspire change and growth. Many of you has found passion for houseplants in 2020 because we’ve had the time to slow down and listen to our inner voice. We learned how to be with ourselves like never before.

Also in 2020, The Plant Hut has had the honour of delivering thousands of high quality tropical houseplants to your space and making the life a bit greener,  and thanks to each every one of you, our plant community is growing strong. We’d like to share with you some of the plants that were special to us in 2020, let me know if any of these plants made your list too!

Pothos N’joy

We love all our pothos, Jade Pothos has attractive glossy dark green vines, Golden Pothos rock her golden speckles, and Marble Queen shows off her large green leaves painted with white. But in 2020, Pothos N’joy managed to leave us with nothing but wows. Just by looking at it, it’s hard to believe the handprinted variegations belongs to such an easy-going plant. The plant is easy to care for and even low light tolerant, with its green and white variegation, plus the firmer stems, N’joy definitely is one of the best-looking houseplants out there. I tried to do some digging about this cultivar’s name origin, but I couldn’t find any, so if you have any information about the brilliant name, please let us know! Whether it’s the botanist that cultivated this beauty who named it or the plant lovers, they surely did a good job naming the plant – a plant that brings us nothing but JOY.

The Rare Beauties

In 2020, The Plant Hut, for the first time got our hands on some rare beauties from overseas. Not to say the common houseplants are not wow-worthy, but these rare beauties are truly stunning. We had the opportunity to learn and care for Philodendron Melanochrysum in September; then Anthurium Clarinervium, the Anthurium Magnificum, Anthurium Crystallinum and Philodendron Mamei in October/November. As Andrew put it: “Being surrounded by so many different plant types shapes and sizes I realized they are all PROUDLY different; be your authentic self and you’ll always produce what you’re meant to” – yes, being authentic and genuine and kind, that’s what the “rare” plants’ been trying to teach us. True, most of the “rare” plants has a steep price tag, but that price tag reflects the dedication and enormous work that local gardeners have put in to acquire even ONE exotic plant, so we say with gratitude that the Rare Beauties are truly the magnificent works of nature.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ah the Fiddle Leaf Fig. It’s the popular houseplant that won’t go out of style. It’s Instagram’s most popular plant, the first choice of many interior designers, the “mean girl” of houseplants, and an enticing siren to first-time plant parents and experienced green-thumbs alike. Factual, they’re finicky and demanding, but we all understand that looking this good is hard hard work. While if we really think about it, it’s not that difficult, all we need for a bushy healthy Fiddle Leaf is good drainage, A LOT of sunlight, good attention to details and some extra TLC – just like how we would treat a loved one. And that rewarding feeling of watching the new leaf sprouting – that’s something that can’t be described by words.

Bird of Paradise

No plant is able to foster the tropical vibe within a space like the Bird of Paradise does. The Queen of houseplants, the royalty of tropical foliage – BOP will easily fresh up a room as its large, upright leaves fan out. If you find the Fiddle Leaf Fig is just a bit too fussy for your liking, but still want that large tropical vide, BOP might be what you’re searching for. Although it flourishes in a bright sunny spot, the plant is relatively hardy and adapts to a wide spectrum of light conditions, even with low, indirect light.

Both the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Bird of Paradise hold a special spot here at The Plant Hut. Looking back in March, we only got to have the opportunity to continue delivering tropical plants to your doorsteps because the plant lovers allowed us to look for the perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig or BOP for them. These two are our lucky plants! We care for them now everyday with gratitude.  

Monstera Deliciosa

You guessed it, we had to include the Monstera Deliciosa aka the Swiss Cheese Plant in our list. The plant is our go-to choice to achieve that “next level” style in any space – the vibrantly green leaves are speckled with natural holes and will lend a tropical vibe to the room. It’s a relatively no fuss plant, and will actually tolerate lower light condition, but the wonderful texture makes Monstera Deliciosa a strong competitor to any of those fancier plants. Personally, Monstera was my first ever houseplant – when I didn’t know anything about plants, I purchased a 4” baby Monstera without know it was a Monstera, and now 50+ plants later, Monstera is still my favourite.

Phew! It was way harder than I imagined to put together this “plants of 2020” list! Each one of the plants has been good to us the entire year, it was difficult to choose. We are thankful for all the houseplants, and for all of you – because of you, 2020 wasn’t all bad. Now let’s raise our glasses (sparkling for ourselves and room-temperature water for our plants) and welcome 2021. We wish you and yours a Happy New Year and a Safe Holiday <3

Ps. Curious about what’s coming up in 2021? Stay tuned, we have a list of exciting new plants coming at ya very soon…