Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day (YES we're talking about plants)

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Chocolate and flowers are a good start, but an extra-thoughtful present is something that will go a long way. Plus fresh cut flowers will only live for limited time, how can they represent the endless love you have for your person? Why not gift something that will live and thrive (with proper care) – you guessed it, I’m talking about houseplants. This is your one-stop guide for plant gifting on Valentine’s Day, based on the plants’ symbolism, effort level to care for, and style.

Some of us might not know, plants and foliage symbolize emotions, ideas and actions with evidence shown in literature, art and folklore as early as the Ancient Greek and Ancient China. Each plant has its own meaning, surrounded by plants that symbolize things we want or value, we could create a calm and positive environment; which is why plants make perfect Valentine’s Day gift – it’s a great way to show our SO that we understand their dreams and appreciate their values.


green leaves in tilt shift lens

Pothos plants represent perseverance and longing. It’s the perfect gift if your SO is relentless in following their dreams – pothos features beautiful cascading vines that grow long and fast with determination. To make it even more meaning full, get a hanging basket and put the plant up high to symbolize reaching new heights and chasing dreams. Pothos are extremely easy to care for, therefore to keep this plant healthy won’t take up much of the dreamers’ time.

Snake Plant

green snake plant

Don’t be fooled by its name, Snake Plant is the symbol of purity, cleanliness and tenacity. It’s the ideal gift for your person that’s creative, organized and clean. Plus, they naturally have air-purifying effects, it’s a good way to create a cleaner space. To care for snake plants, just to make sure there’s no over-watering going on. 


green leaves in tilt shift lens

Philodendrons are the representative for love of nature and growth. If your boo is progressive and their politics are “green”, this is the perfect present for them. Philodendrons also symbolize personal growth and serves a great gift if the person you love is experiencing personal improvement. All the symbolism aside, can we just talk about how fitting the Heart Leave Philodendrons are for Valentine’s Day? They are *literally* strands of green hearts! There’s no better way to show how much love you have for your plant-obsessed SO than presenting them a full pot of green hearts.


Calathea represents a new beginning. The plant “turns over a new leaf” at night to make every morning the “new beginning”. If the person you love just got a new job, or in the process of changing career, or even she/he just got a new hair color, this is the perfect plant for them. If you don’t know which Calathea variety to get, we highly recommend the Calathea “Rosy” – the pink foliage just screams love. 

Monstera Deliciosa

green plant on brown potMonstera Deliciosa symbolizes honor, respect and longevity. It's best suitable if your SO is extra proud of their background and value their family history, it's also a great way to show them you appreciate their family background as well. 


green cactus in brown pot

Succulent represents loyalty and endurance, cactus are the symbol of protection and endurance. Both of these plants are great choices when you want to say "thank you" for your person who stick around and be there for you no matter what. It's a great introduction plants for those who want to start exploring the world of houseplants. 

In the end, a gift is your way of saying "I love you and I appreciate you", a personalized plant gift screams "I understand you and I value you, you're important to me!". And let me tell you, no matter which plant you end up choosing, your plant-obsessed SO will be thrilled to receive any houseplant as a gift.