Decorate with plants

Now that we are spending most of time (if not all) at home, we want our home to be cozy, comfortable and productivity-boosting more than ever. Adding plants to the home space is one of the best ways to achieve all of those things. Just in case you didn’t know, here are some benefits of having plants in your home:

Plants help clean the air

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, most of the plants have air purifying effect. Since we spend most of our time indoors now, healthy air quality should be a top priority. According to NASA research, plants will remove up to 87% of the pollutants in the air, some of them being the most harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene. Plants purify the indoor air by pulling contaminants into soil, which will then turn into food for the plants. With plants releasing oxygen during photosynthesis during the day, we have a higher oxygen level and so we can breathe easier. At night, a few plants – orchids, succulents and snake plants will keep taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, making them the perfect bedroom plants.

Improving health, both physically and mentally

Plants give the immune system a much-needed boost, especially now during winter. With plants in the presence, our stress level is lowered; when we feel less stressed, our body is better equipped to fight off the cold, flu and other illness.

Researchers in the UK found that people who live around nature feel much happier than those that don’t. Although we all live in the concrete “boxes”, with the help of the plants, we can still have some greenery and be happier. Plants help us calm our mind so that we can heal; plants teach us patience and gratitude; and plants offer a sense of peace and show us how to grow…

Improving productivity

Now that we are all working from home, I’m sure most of us went through a big adjustment. At least for me, there are so many distractions at home, and oh that comfy bed! But with plants around, they help us focus and boost our memory; plants refresh the air and the environment, so we have less brain fog and more creativity. We have had countless customers telling us how the plants have made working from home that much easier and more enjoyable – and we feel the same!

Now that we know it’s beneficial to have plants in our homes, how do we incorporate those green (or colourful) babies into the space? We put together some tips you might find helpful:

Utilize that shelf!

If you’ve been in the plant community for a while, you will know the phrase “plant shelfie”, and the phrase gained its popularity for a reason. When we have a lot of plants, a shelf comes in handy especially if we live in an apartment or a condo and the space is precious. 

Whether it is a bookcase, or a 4-tier wall shelf, you can easily turn them into plant shelves, as they’re good furniture pieces that allow us to showcase our plant collection, proudly. 

And if you don’t mind drilling holes on the wall, some floating shelves are good options to display the plant collection. The floating shelves are relatively inexpensive, meaning that we don’t need to break the bank to find our plants a home and at the same time give our wall a makeover.

Dress up the space with trailing plants

If you’re like me and have a thing for all the trailing plants, this tip is for you. Use the long hanging vines over furniture, let them hang, let them cascade, and it will guarantee to break up the horizontal line and soften the harsh edges.Or you can hang up the plants -- I love to use a good Macrame plant hanger to create that BOHO cozy vibe. Best place to get Macrame hangers is Etsy, or if you feel crafty, look for tutorials on YouTube and start DIYing!A lot of these vining plants are also the easiest to grow – pothos, philodendrons, hoyas… if you only have a baby one as of now, don’t worry, they will explode into beautiful cascading vines in no time.

Use the stand-alone large floor plants

The big stand-alone floor plants are the statement pieces. Whether it’s a fiddle leaf fig or a bird of paradise, the big guy will be the wow factor and the center of attention. As long as it’s the right spot and the plant can get bright indirect light, the big guy will be loyal and serve you well. If you’re worried about lighting conditions, opt for a large sized snake plant or ZZ plant. Use baskets as the "pot" to achieve a laid-back boho look.


The bottom line: When we choose plants for our home, the first thing we have to make sure is that the plant we’re purchasing is lush, beautiful and healthy, therefore it’s important to shop from trusted local business. Also ensure to choose the plants that will thrive in the environment and conditions we could offer. Once we have the plants, move them around the home and have fun with it, find a way to fit the plant babies in to your home, with your personality and style.